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City State Project Due
Albany OR Riverfront Sewer Interceptor Lift Station and Force Main 6/1/2018
Oak Grove OR 2018-2021 Technical On-Call Services 6/1/2018
Beaverton OR Aloha High School Seismic Upgrades Design 6/5/2018
Salem OR A&E for Supreme Court Interior Modernization 6/5/2018
Beaverton OR Highland Park MS HVAC Upgrade Design 6/7/2018
Beaverton OR Cedar Mill HVAC Upgrade and Roof Replacement Design 6/7/2018
Bend OR On-Call Transportation Engineering Services 6/12/2018
Sweet Home OR Design/Build for Ames Creek Pedestrian Bridge 6/13/2018
Beaverton OR A&E for Cooper Mountain Reservoir #2 and Associated Improvements 6/15/2018
Beaverton OR A&E for WWSP Intertie Pipeline, Cornelius Pass Road/TV Hwy to SW 209TH Avenue 6/18/2018
Coos Bay OR Facility Assessment 6/18/2018
Corvallis OR A&E for Combat Pistol Qualification Course Design 6/20/2018
Molalla OR On-Call Professional Engineering Services 6/20/2018
Ashland OR Engineering Services - Design of a 7.5M Gallon a Day WTP 6/21/2018
Olympia WA A&E for Newhouse Building Replacement Pre-Design 6/21/2018
Ridgefield WA A&E School Capitol Bond Work 6/22/2018
Wilsonville OR On-Call Civil Engineering and Related Services 6/27/2018
Vancouver WA City of Vancouver Needs Assessment 6/27/2018
Salem OR Architectural Services for Salem Public Library 6/29/2018
Gresham OR Engineer for Fog Screening Improvements 6/29/2018
Vancouver WA Design/Build Ground Improvement 7/2/2018
Eugene OR A&E for Water Quality Lab & Backup Services Bldg 7/5/2018
Beaverton OR A&E for Water Service Transfer Program Manager 7/6/2018
Eugene OR Architectural Services for Renovation of Bailey Hill Elem. School 7/6/2018
Spokane WA Consulting & Engineering Services State Waste Discharge Permit Stormwater Support Services 7/6/2018
Stevenson WA Design Engineering RFQ for Russell Avenue Improvements 7/9/2018
Richland WA On-Call Engineer for Wastewater Treatment Plant Process Modeling 7/10/2018
Corvallis OR OSU Presidential Residence Design-Builder 7/10/2018
Klamath Falls OR Engineer for LRC PE Transformer Replacement 7/10/2018
Vancouver WA On Call Civil Engineering Design Services 7/11/2018
Winston OR Civil Engineer of Record 7/11/2018
Reedsport OR Miscellaneous Engineering Services 7/11/2018
Spokane WA Geotechnical Engineering Services for Various County Projects 7/11/2018
Spokane WA Environmental Engineering Services for Various County Projects 7/11/2018
Ashland OR Engineering Services for Raw Water Transmission Lines 7/12/2018
Beaverton OR Distributed Control System Planning, Design, Programming & Field Services 7/12/2018
Wilsonville OR Engineering & Related Services for Street Maintenance 7/12/2018
Tumwater WA A&E for L&I HQ Office Bldg Elevator Modernization 7/12/2018
Goldendale WA A&E for Radio Tower 7/12/2018
Bend OR Engineer for Sisemore Bridge 7/13/2018
Lake Oswego OR Engineer for S. Shore Wastewater Basin Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Pre-Design 7/13/2018
WA Engineering Services for Nez Perce Tribe Aht'Wy Egress & Aht'Wy Rd 7/13/2018
Central Point OR Central Point School District Seismic Design Services 7/13/2018
Portland OR A&E for 3000 SE Powell Blvd 7/18/2018
Fairview OR Engineer for Railroad Bridge 7/18/2018
College Place WA Engineering Services for College Place WWTP 7/19/2018
Portland OR A&E for Ruby Junction Yard Expansion 7/20/2018
Spokane Valley WA Engineering Design Services for the Barker/I-90 North Interchange 7/20/2018
Spokane WA A&E for the Shaw Middle School Replacement & Campus Master Plan 7/20/2018
Gresham OR Water Main Condition Assessment 7/23/2018
Spokane WA Feasibility Studies For Bosch Lot Recreational Amenities 7/23/2018
Spokane WA A&E for Bosch Lot Parking Garage Site Assessment 7/23/2018
Vancouver WA Small Works, Professional Services, Vendor Rosters 7/24/2018
Corvallis OR Engineer for Washington Way Reconstruction 7/24/2018
Clackamas OR Civil & Related Engineering for Planning & Improvement Projects 7/25/2018
Portland OR A&E Services for Health & Safety Improvement Projects 7/25/2018
Bend OR Design Services for Amethyst/Mahogany Diversion 7/26/2018
Ashland OR Central Utilities Plant Engineering Services 7/26/2018
Bend OR Bend Park and Recreation District 2018 Strategic Plan 7/26/2018
Beaverton OR Beaverton Creek Stormwater Treatment Facilities Retrofit 7/27/2018
Sisters OR Engineer of Record 7/27/2018
Salem OR A&E for Transportation & Land Use Planning 7/30/2018
Cloverdale OR Nestucca Valley School District Project Management Services 7/30/2018
Eugene OR EWEB Water Distribution System Communication Master Plan 8/2/2018
Olympia WA Pre-Design for DOT Bldg Preservation Plus Phase I Roof Replacement 8/2/2018
Oregon City OR A&E for the New Student Services Building / Bill Brod Community Center "Refresh" 8/2/2018
Oregon City OR A&E for Trolley Trail Bridge: Gladstone to Oregon City Feasibility Study 8/7/2018
Portland OR A&E for PDX South Airfield Regulator Bldg & Runway LED Upgrades 8/7/2018
Gresham OR Engineer for SE Palmquist Road Culvert Replacement 8/8/2018
Portland OR A&E for Chapman School Re-roof 8/9/2018
Prairie City OR Engineering Services for Reynolds Creek Irrigation 8/9/2018
Kennewick WA A&E & CM for Kennewick School District Capital Projects 8/17/2018
Winchester Bay OR RV Resort Expansion Design Work 9/6/2018
Cathlamet WA 2018 (annual) On-Call Architectural & Engineering Roster 12/31/2018
Eugene OR Engineering and Related Services 12/31/2018
Gov't Agencies WA 2018 (annual) MRSC Consultant Roster 12/31/2018
Richland WA Architect/Engineering/Marketing Firms Roster 12/31/2018
Spokane Valley WA A&E Consultant Roster_On-Call 12/31/2018
Portland OR Consultant Roster 4/1/2019
Battle Ground WA Small Works and Related Professional Services Roster 6/30/2019
Eugene OR Professional Consultant Retainer Contract 7/31/2019
Corvallis OR Professional Consultants Retainer Contract 9/30/2019
Salem OR ODOT Small Contracting Program 4/11/2025