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City State Project Due
Richland WA Richland Airport Master Plan 12/3/2018
Oregon City OR Tri-City Water Resource Recovery Facility (WWRF) Willamette River Outfall 12/5/2018
Pullman WA Design/Build Services for Baseball Clubhouse 12/7/2018
Sherwood OR Engineer for Rock Creek Sanitary Trunk Line Upsizing Project, Phases 1 & 2 12/7/2018
Vancouver WA Architect Roster 12/10/2018
Vancouver WA Engineering Services Roster & Land Surveying Roster 12/10/2018
Moxee WA Yakima River Groundwater Infiltration Study 12/11/2018
Gresham OR Grant Butte Reservoir & Pipeline Seismic Upgrade 12/13/2018
Corvallis OR Research Way Laboratory Building Facility Design 12/18/2018
Forest Grove OR Park Facilities Schematic Design & Aquatic Center Water Needs Study 12/18/2018
Salem OR A&E for Oregon Military Museum Renovations 12/20/2018
Sheridan OR A&E for Fire Station Seismic Retrofit 12/21/2018
Corvallis OR Sports Performance Center Renovation Phase 1 Design 12/27/2018
McMinnville OR Engineering Services for Yamhelas Westsider Trail 12/28/2018
Cathlamet WA 2018 (annual) On-Call Architectural & Engineering Roster 12/31/2018
Cheney OR Consultant Roster 12/31/2018
Eugene OR Engineering and Related Services 12/31/2018
Gov't Agencies WA 2018 (annual) MRSC Consultant Roster 12/31/2018
Portland OR Pre-RFP: A&E for US26 (Powell Blvd): SE 99th Ave - East City Limits, K21178 12/31/2018
Pullman WA WSU Consultant Roster Registration 12/31/2018
Statewide WA Professional Services for WSDOT 12/31/2018
Vancouver WA Small Works & A&E Rosters, Public Works, & Vendor List 12/31/2018
Yakima WA Small Works Roster & Architect 12/31/2018
Spokane Valley WA A&E Consultant Roster_On-Call 1/1/2019
Portland OR PIA Taxiway T Rehabilitation - Phase I Design Services 1/3/2019
Richland WA Architect/Engineering/ Marketing Firms Roster 1/4/2019
Roseburg OR Engineer for Project Design & Management of Multi-Family Properties 1/5/2019
Aumsville OR Engineer of Record 1/7/2019
Sandy OR A&E for School Bond Projects 1/8/2019
Spokane WA Engineering Services Flint Road Improvements 1/8/2019
Beverly WA Engineer, Project Manager, & CM for Electrical Substation 1/10/2019
Oregon City OR WES & Happy Valley Storm System Master Plan 1/10/2019
Portland OR Architect for Renovations at the Inn at the Convention Center Hotel 1/10/2019
Lebanon OR Public Facilities Master Plan 1/11/2019
Oregon City OR Oak Grove-Lake Oswego Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge Feasibility Study 1/11/2019
Hood River OR Hood River Heights District - Urban Design & Engineering 1/14/2019
Klamath Falls OR Greater Downtown Revitalization Plan 1/15/2019
Portland OR Design Consultant for Interior Space 1/15/2019
Bend OR Architect for Deschutes County Stabilization Center 1/17/2019
Newberg OR Engineer for 2019 Pavement Preservation Project 1/17/2019
Portland OR On-Call Marine Facility Operations, Design, & Planning 1/17/2019
Portland OR On-Call Marine Facility Operations, Design, & Planning 1/17/2019
Roseburg OR Facilities Assessment & Master Plan 1/17/2019
Ellensburg WA A&E for Miscellaneous Minor Capital Improvements – 2019 1/18/2019
Grants Pass OR County Fair & Event Center Facilities Master Plan 1/18/2019
Medford OR A&E for Front Street Transfer Station Expansion 1/18/2019
Seal Rock OR Design Services for Utility Connection & Monitoring Facility: PacWave 1/18/2019
Astoria OR Bicycle Facility Master Plan Update 1/20/2019
Portland OR On-Call Transportation Planning Services 1/21/2019
Scappoose OR OMIC Retrofit Architectural Design Services 1/22/2019
Hillsboro OR Professional Services for Transportation Planning Urban Reserve Areas 1/25/2019
White Salmon WA 2019 Engineering Services 1/25/2019
Richland WA Airport Master Plan Richland Airport 1/28/2019
Spokane WA Riverfront Park West Havermale Project 1/28/2019
Portland OR SW Corridor Area & Site Planning 1/30/2019
Vancouver WA A&E Roster 2019 Capital Projects 1/30/2019
Beaverton OR Facilities Condition Assessment 1/31/2019
Boring OR Master Plan for Barton Park Complex 1/31/2019
Yakima WA A/E for Yakima Convention Center North Expansion Design 2/1/2019
Seal Rock OR Engineering Services for North Beaver Creek Bridge 2/6/2019
McKenzie River OR Engineering & Related Services Carmen-Smith Fish Passage Facilities 2/7/2019
Newport OR A&E for Conceptual Redesign of South Beach R/V Park Annex 2/8/2019
St. Helens OR Comprehensive Police Station Replacement Needs Assessment 2/8/2019
Corvallis OR Engineering Services for Long Tom River Bridge Replacement 2/12/2019
Lake Oswego OR A&E Services for Hallinan Elementary School Renovation 2/12/2019
Tillamook OR Engineering Environmental Design Services for Tidal Wetland 2/12/2019
Tumwater WA A&E for Washington State Library & Archives Building 2/12/2019
Clackamas OR Engineering Services for Water Treatment Plant Master Plan 2/13/2019
Silverton OR Engineering Services for Pump Station & Water Transmission Line 2/13/2019
Portland OR On-Call Architecture Services 2/14/2019
Salem OR Value Pricing Project Consulting Services 2/14/2019
Walla Walla WA On-Call Civil Engineering Services 2/14/2019
Walla Walla WA On-Call Geotechnical Engineering for Public Works Projects 2/14/2019
Woodburn OR A&E for a (2) Story Expansion to Woodburn High School 2/14/2019
Milwaukie OR 2019 Wastewater System Master Plan 2/15/2019
Mosier OR A&E Design for a ‘Net Zero’ Public Services Building 2/15/2019
Bend OR Engineer for Integrated Water System Master Plan 2/19/2019
Albany OR Parks Master Plan Update 2/20/2019
Klamath Falls OR Stormwater System Master Plan 2/20/2019
Newberg OR Water System Seismic Resilience Study 2/21/2019
Sutherlin OR Engineer for Potable Water Storage Tank & Pump Station Improvements 2/21/2019
Salem OR A&E for Central Point Office Addition Design 2/25/2019
Canby OR A&E for Building/Remodel Design & Construction 2/26/2019
Oregon OR A&E for A New Lane County Courthouse 2/26/2019
Spokane WA A&E Services for Glover Middle School Replacement 2/26/2019
Cornelius OR Consulting Services for Cost of Service & Rate Structure Analysis System Development Charges Analysis 2/28/2019
Gladstone OR A&E for The Renovation of Webster RD SRO Housing 2/28/2019
Portland OR A/E Services for Bull Run Filtration 2/28/2019
Yakima WA 2019 On-Call Consultant Roster 3/1/2019
Gresham OR A&E and Related Services for Safety Project 3/4/2019
Oregon City OR A&E for the Clackamas Heights Master Plan 3/4/2019
Portland OR Central Eastside Industrial District Parking Master Plan 3/7/2019
Bend OR Architectural for Parole & Probation/Sheriff’s Office Work Center 3/12/2019
Corvallis OR A&E Services for Campus Operations Center Design 3/12/2019
Grants Pass OR Comprehensive Campus Master Plan for the Redwood Campus 3/13/2019
Astoria OR Architect for County's Jail Construction program 3/14/2019
Beaverton OR A&E for professional services on a continuing basis 3/14/2019
Portland OR A/E for Metro Owned, Leased or Operated Facilities 3/14/2019
Clark WA Engineer for Harmony Sports Complex Infrastructure & Safety Improvements 3/20/2019
Milwaukie OR Engineer for Linwood Avenue Improvements 3/20/2019
Beaverton OR Engineer for Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well No. 5 and Sorrento Pump Station Improvements Project 3/22/2019
Spokane WA A/E for Rental Car Facility Improvements at Spokane International Airport 3/22/2019
Beaverton OR Engineer for Non-potable (Purple Pipe) Water System Program Manager Services 3/28/2019
Oregon City OR Engineer for the Willamette Basin Facilities Plan 3/28/2019
Salem OR A&E for Electrical Upgrades at Various State of Oregon Buildings 3/28/2019
Salem OR Engineer for Aquifer Storage & Recovery Facility 3/29/2019
Sunnyside WA A&E Roster & Personal Services Roster 3/30/2019
SW Washington WA 2019 MRSC Consultant Roster 3/30/2019
Union Gap WA 2019 Small Public Works & Consultant Roster 3/30/2019
Gresham OR A&E, Photogrammetric Mapping, Transportation Planning, and/or Land Surveyor Services 4/1/2019
Dallas OR Fire District Feasibility Study 4/3/2019
Grants Pass OR Engineer for the Stormwater System 4/4/2019
Oregon City OR Roadway Design Plans for D-Street 4/4/2019
Salem OR Brooks-Hopmere Community Plan Service 4/4/2019
Salem OR A&E services Veterans Home 4/4/2019
Fairview OR A&E For District-Wide Facilities Master Plan 4/5/2019
Warrenton OR Architectural for the District's New Middle School 4/8/2019
Springfield OR Transportation Engineering Services 4/9/2019
Tigard OR Engineer & Const Mgmt for Sw Wall Street-Tech Ctr Dr Improvement Project 4/9/2019
Vancouver WA On Call Rail Engineering Services 4/10/2019
Dalles OR A&E for Various Projects 4/12/2019
Portland OR Architectural Services Related to the Design & Construction of Housing 4/12/2019
Tualatin OR Architect for Service Center New Building/Remodel w/Site Improvement 4/12/2019
Burns OR Land Surveying and Civil Engineer for Extension of Yapa Sub-Division 4/15/2019
Sweet Home OR Assessment for the Library 4/15/2019
Oregon City OR Engineer for Jennings Ave. 4/16/2019
Oregon City OR A&E for 232nd Drive at MP 0.3 4/17/2019
Portland OR Architects & General Contrators for Schematic Design Price Estimating 4/19/2019
Beaverton OR Civil Engineer for Erickson Trunk Sewer & Water System Improvements 4/23/2019
Corvallis OR Library 2nd Floor Patio Enclosure 4/23/2019
Milwaukie OR Engineer for 2019 Street Network Pavement Assessment 4/23/2019
Bend OR Architect for High Desert MS Gym Addition & Led Replacement 4/24/2019
Vancouver WA On Call Architects for the Port of Vancouver USA 4/24/2019
Portland OR Facilities System Master Plan 4/26/2019
Sutherlin OR Urban Renewal Feasibility Study 4/29/2019
Veneta OR Consulting Services to Prepare a Parks, Recreation, & Open Space Master Plan 4/30/2019
Eugene OR Architect for North Eugene High School 5/3/2019
La Grande OR Design-build for the EOU Fieldhouse Project 5/3/2019
Salem OR Visioning and Comprehensive Plan Update 5/3/2019
Tualatin OR Professional Services Qualified Pool List 2019 5/3/2019
Lebanon OR Engineering Services for Storm Drainage Master Plan 5/3/2019
Klamath Falls OR A&E for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Fire Station 1 5/6/2019
Salem OR A&E for HSB LED Lighting Upgrade Project 5/6/2019
Ashland OR Architects for Ashland MS & Helman ES Addition & Renovations 5/7/2019
Spokane WA On-Call Campus Architect(s); Community Colleges of Spokane 5/7/2019
Forest Grove OR Engineer & Design for Replacement of Finished Water Pumps & Motors 5/9/2019
Tillamook OR Design/Build Team for Public Works New Crew Room Project 5/9/2019
Portland OR On Call Architect, Engineering & Related Services 5/10/2019
Salem OR Urban Renewal Services 5/10/2019
Vancouver WA On-Call Engineering and Professional Services 5/13/2019
Vancouver WA A&E for On-Call Campus, Clark Community College 5/13/2019
Beaverton OR Engineer for Stormwater Drainage Master Plan & Conveyance SDC Report 5/14/2019
Mill OR Architect for Santiam Junior/Senior High & Elementary School 5/14/2019
Pullman WA Master Agreement for A/E for WSU Campuses & Extension Facilities 5/14/2019
Bend OR Engineering & Construction for Solid Waste Knott Landfill Cell 8 5/15/2019
Portland OR For (On-Call) Construction Management, Field Representative & Cost Estimating Services 5/15/2019
Umatilla OR Engineer for Wastewater Treatment Facility Umatilla Oregon 5/16/2019
Salem OR A&E for I-5 Rose Quarter 5/16/2019
Portland OR A&E for Design Services 5/16/2019
North Bend OR Architect for North Bend Public Library Renovation Project 5/17/2019
Sherwood OR Oregon St. Transportation Improvements & Regional Stormwater Management Facility Project 5/20/2019
Woodburn OR A&E for Woodburn Community Center 5/21/2019
Portland OR St Johns Prairie Trail Design & Engineering 5/22/2019
Oregon City OR NCPRD Concord Property Oak Lodge Library & Gladstone Library Planning Processes 5/23/2019
Mead WA Architect for Improvement of School Facilities 5/24/2019
Eugene OR Architect for the Design of Edison Elementary School 5/24/2019
Canyon City OR A&E for Heart of Grant County’s Meredith House Domestic Trauma Service Center 5/28/2019
Beaverton OR Facilities Plan Update 5/30/2019
Tualatin OR Engineer for SW 65th/Nyberg Sanitary Sewer Trunk Line Rehabilitation 5/30/2019
Albany OR Waterfront Redevelopment Design 6/4/2019
Oregon City OR A&E for Tyrone S. Woods Memorial Park Phase 1 Development 6/4/2019
Walla Walla WA Engineer for Rose Street Bridge Replacement 6/6/2019
Beaverton OR Engineering & Related Professional Services 6/7/2019
Sandy OR Facilities Assessment & Space Needs Analysis 6/7/2019
St. Helens OR A&E for the Design & Engineering of the Columbia Pacific Food Bank 6/12/2019
Lake Oswego OR Architect for Forest Hills ES, Lake Grove ES, Lake Oswego HS, & Lake Ridge HS Renovations 6/13/2019
Washougal WA Architect and Design Services for Phase I Master Plan 6/14/2019
Estacada OR Engineer for Lake Shore Trail & Water Access Design 6/20/2019
Springfield OR Comprehensive Facilities Planning Stormwater Master Plan 6/20/2019
Marcola OR A&E for the Construction of a New Career & Technical Education Center on The Marcola School District Farm 6/20/2019
Fairview OR Main Streets on Halsey Site Readiness & Code Update Project 6/21/2019
Vancouver WA A&E for Multiple Projects 6/21/2019
Oregon City OR Design Services for the Sandy Health Clinic Project 6/25/2019
Seaside OR Design/Build for School-Based Health Center at The Jewell School 6/28/2019
Sandy OR Consulting Services to Prepare an Amended Parks & Trails System Master Plan 6/28/2019
Battle Ground WA Small Works and Related Professional Services Roster 6/30/2019
Wahkiakum WA A&E for On-Call Consultant Roster 6/30/2019
Eugene OR Professional Consultant Retainer Contract 7/1/2019
Salem OR A&E for ADA Restroom Remodels & Construction of Gym Locker Rooms 7/1/2019
Tigard OR Parks System Master Plan 7/2/2019
Tigard OR Durham Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility 2019 Facility Plan 7/2/2019
Oregon City OR Architectural & Design Services Oregon City Operations Complex Development 7/3/2019
Salem OR A&E for Public Engagement & Facilitation Services 7/3/2019
Hillsboro OR Design Services for Cloverleaf Bldg on the Washington County Fair Complex 7/5/2019
Cloverdale OR Architect for High School Gymnasium & Cafeteria Seismic Rehabilitation 7/8/2019
Beaverton OR A&E for Beaver Acres ES Seismic Upgrades Design 7/9/2019
Portland OR A&E for the college’s Portland Metropolitan Workforce Training Center 7/15/2019
Silver Lake OR Arch for Multipurpose Gym, Classroom, Bus Shop Addition & Modular Classroom Replacement 7/16/2019
Vancouver WA ASSET Management Consulting Services 7/17/2019
Spokane WA A&E for Joe Albi Stadium Replacement 7/19/2019
John Day OR Engineering Services for Grant County Regional Airport at John Day 7/19/2019
Sandy OR Water System Master Plan 7/23/2019
Elkton OR A&E for New Instructional Space, New Gym, Reno of Existing Instructional Space & District Wide General Building Capital Maintenance & Improvements 7/24/2019
Carlton OR Architect for Carlton City Hall 7/26/2019
Hood River OR Engineers for Final Design of the Waterfront Stormline Relocation Project 7/26/2019
Eugene OR Landscape Architectural Services for Eugene's Town Square 7/30/2019
Lexington OR Surveying & Engineers for Road, Bridge, & Public Works Projects 8/1/2019
Spokane WA Engineers for Taxiway A Improvement Project 8/2/2019
Grants Pass OR Consulting Services to Prepare a Needs Assessment & Master Plan for the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS) 8/8/2019
Newberg OR A&E for Future Capital Improvements in Preparation for a Potential General Obligation Bond Referendum in May 2020 8/9/2019
Kelso WA A&E for Transportation Planning Services 8/9/2019
Eugene OR A&E for Coburg Rd: Ferry St RR Bridge to Willamette R Bridge 8/13/2019
Vancouver OR Landscape Architectural Design Services for the Port's Waterfront Development Project 8/14/2019
Lake Oswego OR Architectural Design Services Pool Proposals for 2017 Bond 8/15/2019
Battle Ground WA A&E for On Call Roster 8/16/2019
Battle Ground WA A&E for On Call Roster 8/16/2019
Myrtle Creek OR Engineer for Feasibility Study for Expanded Treated Water Storage Capacity 8/16/2019
Oregon City OR Park Avenue Community Project Development & Design Standards 8/20/2019
Klamath Falls OR Design Service for Learning Resource Center 8/20/2019
Eugene OR Architect Services for Eugene's Town Square 8/22/2019
Wilsonville OR Engineering & Related Services for I-5 Pedestrian Bridge 8/27/2019
Salem OR A&E for ADA Remodel 8/28/2019
Salem OR A&E for Construction of Locker Rooms 8/28/2019
Portland OR A&E for Health & Safety Improvement Projects Group 1 8/28/2019
Portland OR A&E for Health & Safety Improvement Projects Group 2 8/28/2019
Spokane OR A&E for Master Planning, Design & Construction Admin for New Club Facilities 8/28/2019
Eugene OR Engineering & Related Services for Carmen-Smith Recreation Design 9/3/2019
Corvallis OR Engineering for Corvallis Albany Multi-Use Path 9/5/2019
Portland OR A&E for Redevelopment of Dekum Court 9/6/2019
Salem OR Design/Engineering for Master Plan & Wastewater Treatment Plans 9/10/2019
Salem OR A&E Statewide Statement of Work Template 9/10/2019
Klamath Falls OR Engineering for Ivory Pine Bridge 9/10/2019
Eugene OR Engineering for West Irwin Pump Station 9/10/2019
Hillsboro OR Architectural Master Contract 9/17/2019
Portland OR A&E Services for PREPHub 9/18/2019
Salem OR A&E for Lancaster Dr: Center St to Monroe Ave 9/20/2019
Bay City OR A&E Services for Al Griffin Memorial Park Master Plan 9/20/2019
Kennewick WA A&E Service Roster 9/20/2019