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City State Project Due
Oregon City OR Park Avenue Community Project Development & Design Standards 8/20/2019
Salem OR A&E for ADA Remodel 8/20/2019
Klamath Falls OR Design Service for Learning Resource Center 8/20/2019
Eugene OR Architect Services for Eugene's Town Square 8/22/2019
Wilsonville OR Engineering & Related Services for I-5 Pedestrian Bridge 8/27/2019
Portland OR A&E for Health & Safety Improvement Projects Group 1 8/28/2019
Portland OR A&E for Health & Safety Improvement Projects Group 2 8/28/2019
Spokane OR A&E for Master Planning, Design & Construction Admin for New Club Facilities 8/28/2019
Eugene OR Engineering & Related Services for Carmen-Smith Recreation Design 9/3/2019
Corvallis OR Engineering for Corvallis Albany Multi-Use Path 9/5/2019
Portland OR A&E for Redevelopment of Dekum Court 9/6/2019
Salem OR Design/Engineering for Master Plan & Wastewater Treatment Plans 9/10/2019
Salem OR A&E Statewide Statement of Work Template 9/10/2019
Corvallis OR Professional Consultants Retainer Contract 9/30/2019
Spokane WA Architectural & Engineering Consultant Roster 12/31/2019
Spokane WA 2019 Consultant Roster 12/31/2019
Spokane Valley WA A/E Consultant Roster for 2019 12/31/2019
Walla Walla WA A&E Services Roster for 2019 12/31/2019
Pullman WA Master Planning of Central Business District 1/18/2020
Portland OR A&E Consultant Roster 6/30/2020
Portland OR Consultant Roster 12/31/2020
Eugene OR General Planning Services Qualified Pool 7/30/2023
Salem OR ODOT Small Contracting Program 4/11/2025